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In 1989, a fifty-foot fishing trawler and its captain vanished from the waters off Barney's Cove, Maine. Then a sequence of mysterious deaths followed in the coastal community. The case remains unsolved two decades later, when scuba enthusiast and journalist Brandon Summers travels to Maine for a dive vacation in 2008. He finds himself drawn into the town’s suspicious past and a series of strange events only prompts Summers to dig deeper. Brandon becomes the target of a ruthless quest to keep the truth from emerging.

Brit Parker, the author of this novel, invites you to this seafaring adventure of intrigue, action, history, romance and the supernatural.

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Our unique product line includes Atlantic Cold Smoked Salmon (lox), Gravlax , Salmon Sausage, Salmon burgers, Salmon Pate, Salmon Jerky and our very own delicious three mustard dill sauce.

All of our products are made in our state-of-the-art facility in Edmonton, Alberta and shipped to fine retailers, restaurants and hotels across the province of Alberta. Our products are proudly retailed at select Sunterra Market locations, as well as all of the Italian Centre shops'. You can also find us at St Albert farmers markets during the summer months.

Taste the difference NOW 👈🏻

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CastHost offers online radio stream hosting services (SHOUTcast or IceCast) that fits your budget. We understand that running an online radio station is not easy, but it can be a lot of fun.

Over the years we have been helping a number of radio stations to effectively stream their audio with top-notch internet radio hosting solutions. Our supportive streaming service and system can deliver your creation to listeners in anywhere on any device, be it a desktop, mobile, or even a tablet. All our hardware is hosted in industry best data centers located in the USA & Canada. We continuously monitor our network and instantly resolve any emerging issues, thereby ensuring maximum up-time.


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Kit Insurance

We are more than life insurance - we also protect Canadian families in BC, AB and ON against the financial risks of Accident, Sickness & longevity, which includes planned and unexpected retirement. 


We focus on helping clients while they are still living, even if they have been declined before.  We also cover children, non-income earners, and those who are usually "uninsurable" due to risky occupations, hobbies, or age, with affordable, lifetime coverage.  With the right protection you can be free of stress and can focus on your recovery.


As licensed insurance brokers, we work for the clients, not the insurance companies; and we do it with empathy, conviction, passion, and pride.

Come find out the protection that suits your needs.

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Your local NO WIN NO FEE law firm
in Edmonton, Alberta
Best Compensation
Motor Vehicle
Accident Personal
Injury Claims

Injured in an motor vehicle accident, life doesn't stop. Responsibilities don't just disappear. We are here to help quiet the chaos. Simply call our office
at (780) 246-6188 or visit 

We are here to help navigate through a very difficult and personal time. Our first priority is helping!

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